Semi Private Training in Brighton & Hove

Achieve your fitness goals with personal training from the #1 personal trainer Francis Williams who specializes in fat loss and muscle development.

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Achieve your goals faster with Semi-private personal training


You WILL get results. Expect to be more motivated and more focused than ever before. We’ve seen people lose 15+ pounds in a short period of time like this and you can too with the level of focus and motivation you experience


You will be more focused than ever. Science has shown that having a goal and time frame to complete your goals dramatically increases the success rate. This 6 and 12 week push can and will deliver you incredible results you’ve probably never experienced before.

Here are your 3 pillars of success with a semi private training program


Nutrition accounts for 70% of your results so it’s vitally important we get this right to get the results that you want. So what we will do is provide you with our famous Nutrition & Detox manual that will walk you through EXACTLY what you need to do with your food. This will start promoting better habits and the changes you need to make long term so you keep these results for life. This is a complete walk through guide that has helped 100’s of people FINALLY see results with the nutrition. Remember this is a long term change and not a short term faddy diet which could lead to failure. This is a complete LIFESTYLE change.


The key is exercise intensity and effectiveness! What you will be doing is working with a highly qualified Body transformation coach for 45 minutes each session. They will put you through a type of training called MRT (metabolic resistance training.) This is aimed at melting body fat, building lean muscle and revving your metabolism sky high. This way it will accelerate your results 10 fold and most people notice a change in the first 2 weeks training this way.


What we find is that most people are lacking the right coaching, accountability and support they need to achieve their results. You will be hooked up with head coach Francis straight away who will walk you through the whole program to make sure you completely understand. Francis will also keep in touch to make sure you are progressing. This will really help you stay on track and achieve everything you want to achieve with your fitness goals.