Personal Training and Group Fitness in Brighton & Hove

Achieve your fitness goals with personal training from the #1 personal trainer Francis Williams who specializes in fat loss and muscle development.


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Personal training is our primary focus at BodyFit Brighton and with personalized programs we will develop your fitness and help you achieve your goals as quickly and efficiently as possible.
After a free 30 minute consultation during which we will go into detail about your goals, and how we can help you achieve them we will carry out some fitness tests to work out your current fitness level and progress from there.
Personal training sessions are held in the exclusive Underground gym in Portslade with the most advanced and up to date equipment and with over 10 years experience we will guarantee you get the results you set out to achieve.

Our fat loss training is designed to keep your body challenged and adapting for lasting fat loss. By combining proven exercise principles with a healthy nutrition plan we will develop your strength and fitness with targeted fat loss techniques to achieve maximum results in minimum time.

Our training methods come from over 10 years’ experience, and applied knowledge which has brought about a system that helps to achieve the results you can see throughout this site. Changing your body shape and composition can be a life changing feeling, and we regularly speak with clients who are amazed at how their shape has changed. They also tell us how happy they are to be fitting in to smaller size clothes and feel so much better. Having more energy and vitality to enjoy your time with your family and friends while making the most out of life are just some of the benefits you can feel when you decide to train with us.